Digital marketing is more powerful than ever before. Digital Network Partners harnesses the power of DoubleClick’s intuitive integrated solutions in order to connect with the right people in the right moments every time. Utilize the wealth of information DoubleClick can provide, track and analyze for all aspects of your digital marketing strategies in order to develop create concepts and content that will captivate your audience like never before.

Pandora utilizes the passion for music to connect your business with over 78 million listeners each month. With DNP’s buying and Pandora’s personalized listening experience, your business will have the capability to reach the individuals that matter to you most. Pandora provides premium ad solutions that will drive audience engagement and direct interaction that your business deserves.

When consumers visit, they aim to remember all of the information that is being presented to them. This is where Digital Network Partners can assist your business in truly connecting with consumers. Through a wide variety of formats including branded backgrounds and weather-intelligent campaigns, can help your business create a memorable impression.

Having your business listed on Yelp can be beneficial for both you and your customers. With Yelp for Business Owners, Digital Network Partners gives the ability to claim your business listing on Yelp and customize your business’s page with photos, menus, offers and more. Yelp also provides you with the capability to interact with customers through reviews, Yelp deals and Yelp Ads.

Give your business a more personal touch with Spotify. Spotify offers a variety of formats in which your business can connect with a highly engaged audience that spans the country and even the globe. Branded moments, sponsored playlists and video takeovers are just a few of the ways Spotify can harmonize your business with the audience you want to reach.

iHeartMedia can provide your business with unprecedented access to consumers through radio, digital and traditional channels. With DNP managing, iHeartMedia offers advertising opportunities through its unprecedented range of multimedia outlets including on-air, online and live events. Give your business the ability to reach and engage with over 17 million fans on-air, on-site and online.

Zillow provides you with the tools needed to effectively reach out to millions of home shoppers and renters on the largest real estate network on the web. Zillow uses only the most trusted and authoritative real estate sites which allows you to effectively reach out to the right target audience at the right time. Zillow offers a variety of advertisement opportunities that are designed specifically to connect your business to the people you want to reach.

Setting the right mood for your business can be a tremendous task if you don’t have the right tools. Luckily, FEC Music is the only tool you’ll need to provide your customers with a unique-to-your-business experience through high quality digital sound. Create custom playlists that contains only family-friendly material that can reflect your brand with integrity. FEC Music provides you with a platform that allows you to create a sound as unique as your business.

Reach home buyers and sellers on the largest real estate network on the web with Trulia. Advertise your business through Trulia’s exclusive ad placement across our websites and mobile apps. Connect with a dynamic market of digital consumers and grow your business through leads that want to be contacted. Trulia will help you build your online brand in a way that will build true connections between you and your audience.

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